Sound Healing: April 16

In a soundstream composed of musical instruments (such as drum, wooden flute, gong, singing bowls, tubaphones and tuning forks to name a few), we are able to find a holistic way to achieve a deep state of relaxation and interconnectedness. Tickets $30.

Oils and Crystals Workshop.jpeg

Emotional Release & Crystal Healing: Apr 20

Introduction to the divine aromas & healing properties of essential oils from the Feelings Collection created by Young Living. Tickets are $10.

Awaken yoga shala hip opening

Hip Opening Workshop: Apr 27

In this workshop you’ll learn basic anatomy of the hips, practice Aravind’s specially designed sequence to open the hips, and also learn how to find your own sequence that you can incorporate into your daily life. Only 12 spots available. Tickets are $25.

The hips are the biggest joint in the body.  They provide stability and allow for the most basic movements, like walking and sitting. Sometimes there is a tremendous amount of physical and emotional tension held in the hips, so this workshop will teach you how to adopt a regular hip-opening practice that will protect and aid mobility of the hips for an enjoyable, comfortable life.

This workshop is great for you if you have:

  • Lower back ache

  • Sciatic pain

  • Instability while walking

  • Hip tightness

  • Pain or discomfort in the hips