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Aravind Sattaiyappan

Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher

             Aravind is a serious practitioner and yoga instructor in the traditions of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa.  He has been practicing yoga since the age of 15 when he attended a 1 month yoga course with his father at Isha Yoga Foundation in Tamil Nadu, India.  Since then he has studied with and has infinite gratitude for his teachers: Vijay Amar, Vari Morales, Kura, Ajay Kumar, and his wife Sandy.  Students have said that he has a keen eye for noticing alignment, corrections, and how to strengthen and deepen their practice.  Aravind empowers people to develop and deepen their self-practice.  His lessons extend far beyond the classroom and follow them throughout life.  

“Through your classes I can feel my body, my structure, muscles, and how to control it. Your classes give me a pace that I don’t usually have in my self-practice, so you teach me another more calming and relaxing way to experience new asanas, with correct postures. I appreciate your old soul in a young body” -Calixto, California, USA. January 2017


Sandy Phomveha

Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

            Sandy first discovered the benefits of yoga almost 2 decades ago.  She spent many years in India with her husband Aravind, and the accumulation of experiences there has shown her what kind of teacher she wishes to be and not to be. Students enjoy her balanced way of calming and challenging them in class, always giving time to appreciate the gift of breath, relaxation, and silence.  In her Hatha classes, you can expect to practice in the classical style of holding postures for a longer (meditative) time, but she also mixes in movement and flow when needed.  Most of her classes end with pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.  Sandy has been lucky enough to assist in 2 homebirths and has since then expanded her knowledge into Prenatal Yoga after these magical experiences.  She credits her past/present/future teachers and is especially grateful for: Surinder Singh, Vijay Amar, Eric Read, Julie White, and her husband Aravind.

"I'm looking forward to connecting with you and sharing a space where we can deepen individual and collective awareness."