types of yoga

Who can practice yoga?

Who can practice yoga? If you are a human, if you have a brain, if you have a spine, if you have internal organs you can practice yoga regardless of religion or any identity.

Who get more value out of yoga? Those who like the idea of yoga, those who show more interest in the idea of yoga, and knowledge seekers/learners/open-minded people.

There are many types of yoga to reach the higher awareness. You can choose which type of yoga is best for you based on your character and personality. Some types of yoga are Chanting Mantra (Japa Yoga), Action (Karma Yoga), your Intellectual studies (Knowledge/Gnana Yoga), your Devotion (Bhakti Yoga), and Stopping the Mind (Raja Yoga). These are all paths of yoga that can help lead you to higher awareness.

If you are already happy with your life and completely satisfied, you may not need yoga in your life. But if you want more out of your life I strongly believe yoga may help.