Ashtanga yoga by Krishnamacharya vs Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga - Aravind Sattaiyappan

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga by Krishnamacharya


·      Asana practice with Ujjayi pranayama (breathing), bandha (energy lock), dristi (eye gazing) , and vinyasa (synchronizing breath with body, movement meditation).

·      No sutras.

·      This practice originates from the Yoga Korunta (text book on yoga from 15th century), and was reconstructed by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya around 1930’s, 20th century.

·      Practice based .

·      Not the originator of yoga.

·      This practice can follow either Ashtanga (8-Limbs of Patanjali's Yoga) or Sadanga (6-Limbs of Hatha Yoga).

Citta Vitti Nirodha - Awaken Yoga Shala

Yoga Sutra

"Citta Vritti Nirodha"

Stopping the modification of mind. Reaching no mind state.


Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras


·      Theory and Principles of yoga practice in 195 yoga sutras (verses).

·      195 sutras (verses like a poem, or thread), but only 1 sutra mentions how asana (physical poses) should be performed.

·      Patanjali could be a person or organized school of yoga, and the sutras were compiled around 500-350 BC..

·      Philosophy based. 

·      Not the originator of yoga.  Patanjali simply compiled sutras in a systematic way.

·      Ashtanga (8-Limbs of Patanjali's Yoga) philosophy principles to reach Samadhi (enlightenment, pure bliss).