Are you seeking to end suffering that comes in the form of restlessness, fatigue, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, and other health problems?

Yoga is one of the most powerful and effective ancient methods to end with suffering.

Yoga is finding the harmony in body/mind/breath/spirit to free yourself. Yoga offers different technique and practice to find that harmony, in-depth understanding of your natural state of being.

When you find the harmony you will AWAKEN your true self and experience different states of meditation / awareness/ consciousness.

yoga is finding harmony in breath, body and mind.

Our Mission

At Awaken Yoga Shala, Aravind and Sandy help to implement the idea of finding steadiness and calmness in your breath, body and mind, which in turn brings more peace to you and those who surround you. Body, mind and breath are interconnected, meaning that if you find calmness in your body it will reflect in your mind and breath; also, if you find calmness in your mind it will reflect on your body and breath, and it continues in this cycle as demonstrated in the picture above. We love the idea of breath and spine connection and how we can safely tap into this different meditative state.

We encourage a mindful practice based on breath, awareness, and purifying the physical body in preparation for meditation.  Our mission is to share techniques such as asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation that will help to awaken your true and inner self.  Yoga is something that is within all of us, so the meaning of Awaken Yoga is to simply help you realize or awaken to what is already there.  

We have been practicing and teaching yoga all throughout India for many years.  During these years of working with international students we have seen that yoga can be misunderstood as a purely physical practice, so we strive to change this and deliver the true knowledge of yoga.  Through the practice of asana (physical postures) we will prepare your body and mind for higher levels of meditation and awareness. 

Within our drop-in classes, workshops and retreats, students will experience new depths of their inner self.  Through our self-study, practice, and teachings we have refined what we wish to share with the world: for all beings to humbly live in harmony with themselves and others.  We are excited to share yoga (union) with you, and to begin improving the world together.